What to Expect:
     You will be seen in a comfortable office where you will receive discrete individualized attention and your confidential health information will be secure and protected.

      Appointments are to be made by a referral from your therapist or family physician. This will allow us to discuss your case prior to making an appointment. If you do not have one of these, you will need to have both established by the end of the first month of our treatment.

     New patients are evaluated during a 45-minute psychiatric interview. Initial diagnostic impressions and treatment considerations are discussed at the end of this meeting. Release of information from all your doctors will be requested, if you did not bring the records with you. Routine labs will be ordered, unless it is included in your physician’s records. These records are much easier for you to obtain yourself beforehand rather than us trying to request them. A second visit is scheduled within one to two weeks of the evaluation. Close monitoring of your progress is an essential part of optimal care. Subsequent
follow-up visits are scheduled based on individual needs. The time between visits is extended once you begin to feel better.

Fees and Insurance:
     I offer care tailored to the individualized needs of each patient. I do not follow treatment regimens or programs dictated by insurance companies. Consequently, I do not participate in managed care or insurance networks of any type. My practice is strictly on a fee-for-service basis. The fee schedule is listed below.  A Statement of Services Rendered will be provided to you so that you may file with your insurance carrier for a possible out-of-network reimbursement to you.

     Payment is due in full at the time services are rendered. Payment can be made by cash, check, or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover). Patients are responsible for promptly meeting at reserved appointment times. Late cancellations (less than 24 hours in advance) and missed sessions are charged at the full fee. Returned check fees are charged and then no further checks are accepted.

     The initial consultation or visit is scheduled for 90 minutes with the first 15 minutes used by the Doctor to review forms, the fee is $300.00. Return sessions are 1) Extended Visit 90-minute session - appointment fee $300; 2) Return Visit 45-minute session - appointment fee $200; 

3) Medication Management 20-minute session (which will be initiated only if the patient is routinely seen by another therapist) -

appointment fee $100.00. My policy is to have all patients pay in full at time the service is rendered.

Telephone Calls:
      I provide Physician Services to other Mental Health Factions Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday; my office appointment hours are Tuesday 10:00 am to 3:00 pm.   Prescription refills will need to be requested 10 days before you may need them, since I am only in the office one day a week which will be the only time I have access to patient charts.  Patients may call and leave a detailed message.  Phone messages will be checked and answered three (3) times daily between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm, Monday-Friday.    If you feel you have an issue that needs to be addressed immediately, please contact your therapist, your primary care provider, or go to your nearest Urgent Care/ER facility or call 911.